Environment, Safety, Health Management

Innovation & Plastic Technology · KwangShin I&P Co., Ltd.

Sustainable Management

Kwang Shin I&P, as a company specialized in plastic injection and extrusion,
carries out social responsibilities of the environment in the corporate management,
by making an effort to use and process energy in an efficient manner and reduce and manage by-products formed by service activities

Moreover, we prevent safety accidents and pursue health and improved quality of life of all employees
by creating a safe and pleasant working environment.

Environment Management
  1. We carry out continuous environmental improvement by establishing an environmental management system.
  2. We establish a better environmental management system by complying with environmental laws and other requirements agreed by the company.
  3. We minimize environmental pollution in all processes covering development, production, sales and services of products
  4. We raise environmental management performance by setting up and carrying out environmental objectives and detailed objectives.
  5. We foster environmental management capacities through systematic educational training.
  6. We ensure transparency of environmental management by collecting opinions regarding stakeholders and providing necessary information.
Safety and Health Management
  1. Safety and Health Management is one of key management factors promoting harmony with other management activities.
  2. We pursue unceasing improvement of performance in safety and health, by identifying all threats in advance and conducting proper prevention and amelioration activities.
  3. To secure safety, we set up and operate independent in-company standards more enhanced than relevant legislations, based on observance of regulations on safety and health.
  4. We carry out systematic educational training to assign safety and health activities as part of responsibility to all employees, and help them fulfill the responsibilities and roles.