Ethical Management

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Sustainable Management

Ethical Chart
One, As a member of the company, with pride and self-esteem, we will make an effort to always keep honest and hard-working attitudes, and maintain and develop our conduct of dignity and honor of the company.
Two, On carrying out our duties, we clearly distinguish the public matters from the private ones, and obey relevant regulations and company rules. By fulfilling our mission, we will make an effort to create healthy corporate culture faithful to principles and basics.
Three, We will protect trade secrets acquired from duties and avoid behaviors or relationships that may clash with individual/corporate interests.
Four, We will obtain and manage all information in a fair and transparent manner, and will not use it in an unfair way.
Five, We will secure trust with customer-centered thinking and behaviors, and contribute to creating continuous customer values.
Six, We will protect assets and honor of our customers, and provide them with accurate information regarding products and services.
Seven, We will respect market economy orders based on responsibility and transparency, and obey regulations of fair trade.
Eight, We will pursue co-prosperity by establishing mutual trust and a cooperative relationship through fair trade.
Nine, We will not commit unethical behaviors by forcing or asking wrongful acts or unnecessary requests.
Ten, We will do our best to encourage each member of the company to display his/her creativity by showing respect as a precious human being, and provide equal opportunities and carry out fair evaluation and compensation.
Eleven, We will do our best to create a working environment allowing pleasant and safe job performance for each member, and take precautions against disaster prevention and management.
Twelve, We will protect personal information of each member, and assure his or her rights as a subject of information.
Ethical Management Statement

We put top priority on ethics and keep in mind that settlement of fair and transparent culture is the way to secure customer trust and fulfill social responsibilities. Hereby, we intend to define the following ethical charter to put it into practice.


One, We always make an effort to create corporate culture of integrity.
Two, We prioritize customer value creation and try incessant innovations.
Three, We respect each member of the company, and make an effort to improve his/her health and quality of life.
Four, We establish mutual trust with cooperative firms and pursue mutual growth based on cooperation.