Technology Research Institute

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Technology Research Institute

Profile of Technology Research Institute

  • Product design and 3D modelling technology based on Catia and Unigraphics
  • Injection molding analysis technology applying Dasso Solidworks Plastic, the injection molding analysis program
  • Precise injection molding technology including gas injection
  • High-frequency, ultrasound, heat, spin, vibration welding technology for plastic welding
  • Endurance test facilities including combined Environmental Vibration Testing chamber & test analysis technology based on various performance test facilities
  • Measurement analysis technology applying 3D detectors

Current status of Technology Research Institute

Date of establishment June 27, 2002
Registered in Korea Industrial Technology Association No. 20021811
Number of researchers 20
Scale of Institute Headquarters Office Unit, Test Measurement Room, Laboratory, Suwon Design Office

Organization Chart of Technology Research Institute


Test facilities

Combined environment vibration chamber

Universal testing facilities for tensile strength / compression

Infrared light / heat-resistance / cold-proof Chamber

3D measurement facilities


Design Team