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High Tech Plastic Injection & Welding Solution World No. 1
KwangShin I&P Co., Ltd.


Since our company was founded in January of 1980, we have been creating the future with technology accumulated based on constant efforts and experience, and have prepared a new platform for a gigantic leap forward the 21st century.
I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all who have been encouraging us to keep developing.
All our staff members will do our best to create a better tomorrow without being content with the present, with pride and firm conviction as a manufacturer specialized in plastic injection and deposition welding by assuring quality based on our united hearts and wills towards a positive thinking and conscientious behaviors and improving technology based on incessant creative attitudes.


Kwang Shin I&P Co., Ltd. We apply an active code of conduct with our partners based on responsible cooperation with customers and suppliers.
We make an effort to create high-quality sustainable job opportunities in cooperation with local high schools.
We support and comply with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and UN Global Compact in terms of prohibition of child labor and forced labor as well as observance of working hours and human rights protection.

Thank you very much.



Cho, Man-yeul / CEO